Compass History - From First Magnetic Compass to Modern Compasses

Oldest compass invented was a magnetic compass. Its first role was to help people find precious stones and build houses according to feng shui. It took centuries for it to be used properly - as an instrument for navigation and to help people not to get lost while exploring seas and lands.

Picture Of Magnetic Compass

History of the Magnetic Compass

Magnetic compass was at first used as a magical artifact and a tool for divination. It took centuries for it to be used for its proper purpose and to change the world as we knew it.

Picture Of Compass Orientation

Invention of the Compass

Despite the simplicity of a compass, it took hundreds of years for it to be discovered and some more hundreds of years to be used for navigation instead as a magical artifact. But when we began to use it properly, it changed the face of the Earth.

Picture Of Antique Compass
Picture Of Old Compass